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Friday, June 14, 2024





Hailing from Minneapolis, Rocket Club is a band of seasoned songwriters and performers known for their unforgettable live performances, rich 4-part harmonies, and a catalog of songs that can boost your spirits, break your heart, and restore your belief in the connective power of music – especially music that tells a good story.

Listeners could describe Rocket Club as Americana or Country or Rock and Roll – or any combination of the three – and they would be correct. Across its 5 albums, the band has shown a consistent ability to avoid easy labels. Their song subjects are as diverse and surprising as life itself, drawing in listeners and fans from across musical categories. But Rocket Club’s sound can perhaps best be described by their signature song, North Country. It’s both a category of music and a library of life stories told from the unique vantage point of due north.

Formed in 2008 as a casual songwriting project among friends, the band’s first self-titled album immediately caught fire with fans who recognized the unique combination of hook-laden rock with the storytelling sensibility of great country music. Things accelerated quickly in 2009 when Rocket Club – as an unsigned independent band from Minneapolis – landed on the Country Billboard Charts with their single “One More Day.”

In the years that followed, Rocket Club achieved something that no other Minnesota band has before or since: three songs on the Billboard country charts, a large and loyal Midwest following, and the opportunity to share the stage with many of Nashville’s biggest acts – and all of it as an independent act that relied entirely on their own ability to write, produce and promote the music they wanted to make and to do it their own way.

In 2023, Rocket Club released their first album, Come On Home, and embarked on their first tour since 2014, much to the delight of the fans that have been anxious to see the band together again on stage.

“Four Letter Word”
“North Country”
“One Thing Beautiful”
“One More Day”
“Holdin’ On”