Trick Pony

Trick Pony

Saturday, June 9
West Stage – 1:45 & 3:50 p.m.





If there’s one thing Trick Pony knows when it comes to music, it’s how to stay relevant in an ever-changing business where many come and go.

The longevity of the band, founded by both Heidi Newfield and Keith Burns, has them continuing to run the gauntlet with their creative minds, high octane live show, and the heart to deliver their best music yet.

After a musical hiatus in December of 2006 to pursue different creative paths, Trick Pony reformed as a duo in 2014, where they have been steadily building a new full-length album bringing back an enhanced and current version of what put Trick Pony on the map in the first place.

“It seems like all truly good things happen naturally, and that’s no different with the reformation of Trick Pony today” says Newfield. “We have always had a very distinct sound, and both Keith and I feel that we have gained so much perspective in this crazy music business – where, let’s face it – it’s a ‘what have you done for me lately’ kind of game. There seems to be a very interesting open-mindedness happening in country music today where I think there’s now a window open for artists like us to step up and continue fulfilling our creative goals and building a whole new fan base, while reminding loyalists why they dug us from the start. We are excited to show people that Trick Pony is back!”

In 2001, Trick Pony became one of the most talked about new acts in country music. The former trio cranked out several hits including their self-penned debut single and still ever catchy “Pour Me,” followed by “On A Night Like This,” “Just What I Do,” “On A Mission,” their Top 20 cover of Bonnie Tyler’s 70’s hit “It’s A Heartache” and more.

They released three albums, both on Warner Brothers Records and then on Curb Records during that time frame. Trick Pony (2001) On A Mission (2002) and RIDE (2005). The experiences early on, both in the studio and on the road, have now helped Trick Pony dial in on the exact sound and style they always knew they were capable of creating in the future.

And that time is now.

“It’s like the walls are completely down and it’s allowed Heidi and myself to be so much more open with each other about writing, listening to outside material and basically recreating this brand” Burns explains. “We are really enjoying this experience, and it really is a team!” Part of the new direction of Trick Pony will include the trade-off of vocals between Newfield and Burns, while still maintaining those signature big harmonies. The first taste of the new music, “It’s A God Thing,” is currently available for digital download through iTunes.

“It’s a special song, that perhaps people wouldn’t expect to hear from us” says Newfield. “We wrote it about some true to life experiences we had gone through, and wound up with this beautifully spiritual and powerful song.”

The band chose to put it on iTunes when their tour manager had a heart aneurysm this past April and wanted to use it to contribute to his medical expenses. The first official new single from Trick Pony is slated for release this year through their soon to be announced label home. “We aren’t done cutting hit records,” says Newfield. “We’ve been in the studio tracking some really cool stuff, and we’re just scratching the surface of our musical journey.”

The duo has been recording with the legendary producer James Stroud, who has recorded over 130 No. 1 records to date. “James is the consummate pro, and we are having a blast working with him throughout this whole process,” notes Newfield.

Even through the quieter years between musical projects, Trick Pony’s fans have never left their side. In fact, it has only continued to build bigger and stronger over time, especially as excitement builds around the new music in the works.

“The fans have been so wonderful,” beams Newfield. “It’s pretty awesome to see 13-year-old kids on the front row totally getting into our music, as well as the people who are now parents who come out and want to introduce their kids to our sound. That’s what it’s all about. We are songwriters, musicians and entertainers, so we aren’t just going to stop doing what’s in our soul to do.

“Social media is such an amazing tool to reach out and let people know who we are, what we’re up to and keep them informed in every way,” adds Burns. “So we are very active on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are just getting the word out there, and our numbers are growing every day!”

Trick Pony has come a long way since 2001, but you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from this duo in the coming years. They are as driven and motivated as ever, and this new music is evidence that perseverance pays off.

“We are grateful and blessed to get to do what we love for a living,” says Newfield. “We owe it to ourselves and to the believers to make the best records possible, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. This ain’t no one trick pony … you can count on that!”

Some of Trick Pony’s hit songs:
  • “Pour Me”
  • “On a Night Like This”
  • “Just What I Do”
  • “It’s a Heartache”
  • “On a Mission”
  • “A Boy Like You”
  • “Every Other Memory”
  • “Party of One”
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